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A Day at the Pond

Burd’s Family Fishing is situated in the nice country locality of the GTA. There are two trout fishing ponds on the property each measuring ½ an acre. The trout fishing ponds are enclosed by 6 acres of incomparable countryside landscaping. There is an abundance of parking and also an outsized shelter for cover from the elements.

Feel free to bring a picnic lunch since Burd’s provides plenty of picnic tables and protection for an outdoor lunch. If you overlook packing a lunch don’t worry for the reason that there is a concession stand and BBQ cart on the premises. For the inexperienced family looking for a fun day of fishing there is always experienced staff on site to assist. The Fishing day can be as “hands on” or “hands off” as you would like it to be.

Grounds are wheelchair accessible.


  • You must keep any fish you catch
  • You must use a landing net when you catch a fish
  • If you are using your own fishing rod the hooks must be barbed
  • No dogs are permitted on the premises
  • No fly fishing unless otherwise arranged by management


Burds Family Fishing does not assume any liability for its visitors. Visitors assume all liability.