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Location: 13077 Hwy #48, Stouffville, Ontario, L4A 7X3    Phone: (905) 640-2928

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The BEST Family Fishing Close to Home

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We offer a truly unique experience

Your fish are cleaned and packed on ice for you

Staff is always on hand to assist and demonstrate

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Weekends: 10am-5pm

Weekdays: By confirmed appointment through email (must book 24 hours in advance minimum) info@burdsfamilyfishing.com


  • Maximum number of patrons allowed on the property (including parking lot) is in effect.
  • Time limits per visit may be in effect per visit to limit the number of patrons on the property to a minimum.
  • Designated fishing areas are assigned to ensure proper social distancing.
  • No dogs are allowed on the premises.

For questions or inquiries please send an email to info@burdsfamilyfishing.com.

Burds is open to the public for fresh trout purchases.

Please read our new guidelines for your visit:

  • Social distancing regulations of a minimum of 2 meters must always be followed.
  • Please stay in your designated area and do not leave it to mingle or move around the property.
  • Picnic tables, chairs, and benches will not be available.
  • All rain/sun shelters, and play areas are closed and off limits.
  • No picnics or outside food is permitted on the property at this time.

Safety measures that must be followed for your visit:

  • Hand sanitizing is mandatory upon arrival and departure.
  • Only family members from the same household, arriving in one vehicle, are allowed to share a designated fishing area.
  • Strict social distancing barriers are in place to keep patrons safely separated. These dividers must be respected and will be enforced.
  • All fishing equipment will be sanitized before and after each booking.

Thank You for your understanding, and cooperation.

The Burd’s Family Fishing Story

Burd’s Family Fishing is well known for the great park-like scenery located in Stouffville, Ontario. Rainbow trout fishing at Burd’s is a great sport for the young/old and amateur/professional; we offer Rainbow trout fishing for everyone. This budding industry is looking to attain the designation of largest Rainbow trout fishing in Ontario and look forward to dishing up the fish you catch on a platter in the near future. Burd’s attracts fishermen and women from all over the globe.

Burd’s Family Fishing is situated in Stouffville, Ontario on 6 acres of bounded countryside. The business has been highly regarded since 1965. Twin half acre ponds were man made and fed by a natural artesian spring. Burd’s Family Fishing was initially introduced to the community 40 years ago. In 2005 the business was sold and Burd’s Family Fishing is under innovative management to maintain and strive to advance in the trade.

A Day at the Pond

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Corporate Events

Burd’s is happy to host any of your corporate events. Burd’s offers a unique setting to engage employees and/or their families with interactive programs. Learn more

Birthday Parties

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